Sustainability and health. Why you should switch to wooden tableware


Plastic is toxic, non-biodegradable, and cannot be recycled. Therefore, using kitchen and tableware made from plastic must be avoided as it can be harmful to our bodies and the environment.

Benefits of using wooden tableware

Non-reactive and safe

Wood is organic, non-toxic, and inert. This keeps it from reacting with the different acids included in the food, making it safe to eat. As opposed to conventional tableware, it does not change the taste of food, which has an impact on the dining experience.

Sustainable and durable

It is our responsibility as human beings to adopt sustainable eating and cooking practices. Wooden tableware can be used for many years without corroding or rusting, unlike steel or iron. Because of this, woodenware is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Natural and antibacterial

Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties. This can lower the chance of developing infections as a result of contaminated food by preventing bacteria and other hazardous germs from growing on wooden utensils.

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