How to clean and care for Woodie Poppins eco-friendly products

Woodie Poppins produces wooden plates with a beautiful designs for children.

Our products are made of natural wood, it is hygroscopic, so the wood can change and absorb moisture according to its environment. That’s why don’t keep plates in damp conditions.

If you take proper care of wooden plates, they will last a long time and keep a beautiful appearance.


Here’s how to care for your new wooden plate.


  • Don’t leave your product next to heat sources or in damp conditions.
  • For everyday cleaning, wash the plates in soapy water, but do not leave them submerged. Dry well with a cloth and leave to air dry in a drying rack.
  • For a deeper cleaning. Mix one tablespoon of soda, salt, and water. Wash the plates with the resulting paste and dry them.
  • Don’t wash wooden plates in the dishwasher. Dishwashers can damage and warp your wooden plates.
  • Oil wooden plates every month and leave to dry for a few hours. It will help to avoid cracks and stains.

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